My Everyday Life -1

A life that you might be familiar with cause you have lived it already.

Me writing this blog(LOL)

I am a 15 year(soon going to be 16) old boy, not at all confident in writing so I thought of writing something out as being anonymous to boost my confidence. But what will you get by reading something that I write twice a week about my everyday life? Wellll, you’ll remember your golden childhood and you’ll get a chance of living the old days that everyone thinks about living once again through ‘MY EVERYDAY LIFE’.

I’ve noticed that everyone lives their life thinking of themselves as the main character of a novel-or-something but to be precise we end up being the right hand of the protagonist or even a lot lower character of their own life. My life’s the same, I think that I am the most important student in the class, every teacher thinks about me, every girl has a secret crush on me, no one can argue with me cause I’m the main character, I can’t lose in any kind of sport and blah blah but actually living the life as *not the protagonist* might be even better — There’s no one to nag, you don’t give a f*ck about scores cause no one is going to notice you and you may live your life fullest being free.

As I was writing my introduction but F*ck me that I got distracted and talked some real unexplainable sh*t, I am a student studying in govt school (class strength-35), my rank in my class is around 3 or 4, I am good at sports and have played Baseball school national. I may say that I have a good build with 176cm height and 60 kg(132 pounds) weight. I thought of writing and here I am.

My Writing days are Wednesday and Sunday (I have limited days and there’s a story behind it)

I am going to tell this story in the next blog, hope you read it on Sunday!!




I am 15 year old boy and I thouht of writing something so I am writing something now..

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I am 15 year old boy and I thouht of writing something so I am writing something now..

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